Vehicle health check

Mechanical vehicle check over

A health check is carried out off ramp which includes interior and exterior checks of components and functions like seatbelts, lights, doors etc. followed by vehicle check over on the lift which includes suspension, wheels, engine and exhaust systems to give you an accurate understating of your vehicle condition to help you keep the vehicle running reliably and safely.

Electronics check over

This check is carried out using the OBD (on board diagnostics) port and diagnostics scanner to help identify any electrical faults present within vehicles electrical system. This is mainly carried out if warning lights are present in the instrument cluster or whether there is an intermittent concern with engine or other systems operations.

Seasonal check over

Have your vehicle checked over before winter season or before going on a long trip. Components such as tyres, suspension, engine and transmission fluids, battery and charging systems are thoroughly checked and tested to make sure they survive harsher than normal use and to help you avoid a breakdown when you rely on your vehicle most.

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